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Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant's 

What was once the local grocery store, Hummel's Market, in the 1930s, soon became the Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant. This restaurant is the oldest running establishment in Berlin, Ohio. For locals, it's a place to get together for a modest breakfast and catch up with friends and family over a 99ยข cup of coffee. This historic diner is rich with character and moxie that's ushered it throughout the decades. One of the things that keep folks coming back is their daily specials and their Bryl Wurthmann famous homemade pies. With a combination like that, no wonder they've been drawing a crowd after all these years.

Herman Wurthmann and Dale Boyd owned and operated the diner for 40 years, and their legacy has continued to move forward in history. In their humble beginnings, they constructed a counter where you could buy a sandwich and your groceries all at once. The ol' green counter that they built still stands today and is a favorite for locals and visitors alike. By the 1950s, the demand for their homemade food began to supersede the market, and soon they were separated, and they began to serve breakfast and lunch. It wasn't long before their specialty was their homemade pies and traditional Amish style cooking. Bryl Wurthmann, wife of Herman Wurthmann, would wake up early in the morning, rain or shine, to come in and bake fresh all the pies that were served each day. To this day, you can expect 15-20 different kinds of pies to choose from depending on the fruit season.

The restaurant remains a local favorite for people to get together to reminisce and discuss the goings-on of the town. It's a place for people to bond as a community. The hometown atmosphere still garnishes a lot of attention from visitors and those passing through. 

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